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Educational Resource Group/ERG-EMS

In September 2003, my cousin and I decided that it would be a great idea to establish an EMS educational venue that would allow students to express themselves within the classroom without be overly criticized. We quickly realized that it was becoming our responsibility to mentor each person who walked into one of our classes. It became about building relationships that would go on to last for 17 plus years.

While some things have changed, many have stayed the same. Ron has moved on. He is still working with the Somerset Fire Department, and has taken a role as the Administrative Director of the Emergency Department at Saint Anne's Hospital located in Fall River, MA. Additionally, he remains part of the adjunct faculty at Bristol Community College (BCC). He will continue to be available here at ERG as a member of our technical advisory and curriculum committees. 

ERG is excited to have partnered with First Response Emergency Medical Education to offer both Cardiac to Paramedic and Paramedic level training. While our instructors will still be many of the familiar faces of ERG that you have come to know; it is also important to note that our mission is still the same. ERG has always prided themselves on providing an atmosphere where our students can maximize their learning potential in the ever changing field of EMS.

ERG will also continue to offer EMT Basic and AEMT-Cardiac programs, as well as American Heart Association programs. All business will continue to be part of the ERG model.

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